Thursday, December 17, 2009

Dutch Oven Three Cherry Cobbler

This cobbler is a favorite of my Dutch Oven tasters.
The perfect ending to any camp meal, or just about
any other time.  Feeds 4 very hungry, or 8 not so
hungry dinners.
1-12 to14 oz can of pitted bing cherries, strained
and save the juice.
1-cup sundried cherries
1-12 to 14 oz can pitted tart cherries, save juice(not
pie filling)
1/3cup sugar  1/2cup apricot nectar  1/2teaspoon salt
1/4cup cornstarch mixed with water to a thin paste
3/4stick cold butter cut into cubs
2cups all-purpose flour  1cup quick-cooking oats
1/4cup slivered almonds(untoasted)
1/2 teaspoon cinnamon

Dutch oven (or any oven) baking heat (375)
Steusel: in electric mixer combine all dry ingredients
except butter mix at low speed, or hand mixer.

Slowly add a couple of butter cubes at a time until all
is used. Mix until streusel becomes crumbly, keep
cold until ready for use.

Cobbler:mix cherry juice, nectar,sugar,salt together in
a medium sauce pan on stove.

When mixture comes to boil add cornstarch liquid
reduce heat to low/medium, cook for 3 to 5 minutes
stirring constanly.

Place cherries into quart size D/O or cast iron kettle
or baking dish and pour thickened mixture over cherries
Cover with stresuel, bake for at least 30 minutes until
golden brown.

Let sit for 30 minutes and serve, even better with
vinilla ice cream

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