Monday, January 11, 2010

Kidney Care and Cleansing

     The kidneys remove waste products from the
blood and helps control blood pressure.  The kidneys
filter over 200 quarts of blood each day and remove
over 2 quarts of waste products and water which
flow into the bladder as urine through tubes called

     Strong kidneys are essential for good health.
Inefficient or damage kidneys can result in wastes
accumulating in the blood and causing serious

     High blood pressure can be a cause and result
of chronic kidney failure, since kidneys are central
to blood regulation.

     A simple way to {strengthen}the kidneys,*take 3
dropppers KandB Tincture in 4oz. distilled water, 3
times daily.*Drink 8oz. water with about 10%
unsweetened cranberry juice and the fresh juice
of 1/2 lemon. *Drink plenty of other liquids,
preferably distilled water.

     {Detoxifing} the kidneys the chinese wolfberry
has been used in China for centuries as a kidney
tonic and detoxifier.  Essential oils can also assist
in the detoxification due to their unique lipid-soluble
properities. *blend 2 drops German chamomile *
2 drops of juniper berry,*1 drop fennel.

     Dilute the above oils with 5 drops V6 and place
in a gel capsule.  Take twice daily.  Also apply neat
as a compress over kidneys.

     Signs of kidney infection,or imflammed kidneys,
symptoms include:*feeling of discomfort in lower
back * drowsiness * nauseous * smokey or red-
colored urine.

     To reduce damaged kidneys drink a gallon of
water mixed with 8oz. of unsweetened cranberry
juice daily with Geranium essential oil.

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