Friday, October 30, 2009

Baby, Child,& Essential Oils

     Which came first written time or essential oils?
Man has used essential oils since biblical times, fact
for over 16,000 years. So the answer obviously, is
and would be in this case written times, or at least
cave drawings, or not. Chicken or the Egg?
     As adults who are into natural healing, we reach
for these oils frequently. Are essential oils safe for
babies and young children? Well of course they are,
don't be fooled in thinking that oils are harmful to the
little ones, oils are used differently on these than on
     First essential oils are very potent and just a drop
goes a long way. On children only a very small amount
is used.  It is better that the oils to be applied and then
they can be reapplied in small amounts instead of full
drops. To determine the childs sensitivity and tolerance.
     Dilute the oils to avoid skin senitivity, either with a
carrier oil 50/50, or place oils into the palm and airing
the hands, or fluttering the hands a few times.
     These oils are very strong(hot) and should be 
applied only to the bottoms of the childs feet. Oregano
Peppermint Cinnamon and Thyme. Do not diffuse these
oils in the childs room either! This is due to an infants
lungs are more sensitive than that of an adult. Oils that
are deemed to be hot are more likely to cause breathing
     The following essential oils are known to safe for
a baby and small child, Cedarwood Cypress Frank-
incense Fennel Geramium Ginger Grapefruit Jasmine
Lavender Lemon Marjoram Melaleuca alternafolia
Orange RosePeppermint Rosewood Roman chamomile
Ravensara Sandalwood Thyme Tangerine and Ylang
ylang, Ledum as well.
     Following are common baby and childhood uses,
Fever-Peppermint diluted 50/50 with carrier oil apply
to feet bottoms, or neat 1-2 drops to navel. Second
choice, Lavender 1-2 drops to the feet bottoms,also
a great anti-microbial blend.
     Ear infections Ledum(Labrador Tea, used for scury
for over 5000 yrs., the Cree's used it for fevers and
colds). Dilute 50/50 apply around the outer ear, down
the neck and feet several times per day.  Diarrhea
Peppermint can be taken orally, place 1-2 drops to
a veggie capsule, then ingested.  Your child should be
over the age of 2.  Roman chamomile, Geranium,and
Sandalwood 1-2 drops rubbed on the abdomen.
Basil and Lavender drop 1 each over abdomen for
a calming effect.
     Coughing and congestion Lemon and Purification
diffused 15-30 minutes before naps or bed time.
     Constipation Fennel applied to the feet bottoms
vita flex the center and heels,(massage) oils in.  Di-
Gize diluted 50/50 with carrier oil rub on abdomne
in a cicular motion as in a clock.
     Never, ever put oils into the ear canal, eyes, this
will not cause damage, however discomfort will occur
and is easy to remedy, a carrier oil or olive oil, place
into the ear or eyes, then gently dabbed off excess.
Do not use water to do this it will only spread the oils
     HOME WELLNESS KIT: oils for the home and
every-day use.  Can you answer this, which essential
oil would you use for daiper rash, cuts, scrapes, fever,
burns, ear aches, to calm your child, blisters, allergies?
The answer, Lavender essential oil.
     Next question, which oil would you use for fever
nausea, stomachaches, colic, headaches, constipation,
muscle pains, unable to sleep and other discomforts?
If you said Peppermint, you would be correct.
     Third question which oil for colds, flus, pneumonia
blisters, viral and bacterial infections?  How about
     Last but one of the best, which oil for coughing,
to support the immune system, flus?  Lemon, this oil
a drop in a glass of water works wonders!  Cleaning
babies room, Lemon oils works, wonders.


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