Thursday, October 29, 2009

"NingXia Red"Natures Wonder

     This is the highest antioxdant liquid dietary
supplement from whole food sources. Rich in
ellagic acid, polyphenols, flavonoids, vitamins,
and minerals.
     The Ningxia Wolfberry juice is one of the
highest known antioxidant nutrients. It is rich in
polyasccharides, that have been studied for their
ability to combat cancer and strengthen the im-
mune system. It is rich in polyphenols, carotenoids
magnesium,potassium, and vitamin C.
     Also found in NingXia Red is the Blueberry
which again is one of the highest antioxdant foods
according to ORAC reaearch developed by the
USDA researchers at Tufts University. Animal
studies at Tufts U have shown that blueberry ex-
tracts can reverse many signs of aging.
     Grape pomace seed&stem extract ascorbic
acid(vitamin c) helps preserve color and increase
and increase the shelf life of ningxia red.
     Raspberry is rich in allagic acid, a vital anti-
aging nutrient which provides powerful protection
againest mutation.
     Pomegranate is an extremely high antioxdant
nutrient that has been shown to prevent heart dis-
ease in clinical studies.
     Apricot contains high concentrations of caroti-
nods, a class of high powered antioxdants that in-
clude beta carotene(provitamin A). Apricots are
rich in rutin, which strengthens blood vessels.
     Also found in NingXia Red  is Organic Blue
Agave Nectar which is an extremely low-glycemic
sweetener from the desert cactus "agave tequilana".
     Essential oils are also in NingXia Red, Orange
oil is very high in limonene, a supernutrient that has
been studied extensively for its ability to prevent
cellular mutations and reverse cancer. Over 50
peer-reviewed research papers have been in-
vestigated, including breast cancer, lung, and
     Lemon oil promotes leukocyte formation and
increases immune function.
     So you see that NingXia Red is not just made
from  the wolfberry, but has in it other fruits, berries
and oils that give it the highest S-ORAC scale on the
market today. The ability to do the very best for
     EASY to take in order to maximize benefits
one ounce before each meal (3).  I find that 2 oz.
is all that I need. If an ail is heading my way
I increase the amount to 4 to 6 ounces, then
back to the duce.

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