Friday, November 13, 2009

Healing Oils From the Amazon

     Rain forests of the Amazon are revealing
its greatest gifts of natural healing.  No other
essential oil company is on foot searching for
plants that can be used for natural healing in this
     Young Living has its own farm in this region
insuring only the best quality of oils.
     "Copaiba"essential oil is recorded in European
medicine dated to 1625, also known as Jesuits
     Used for chronic pain, skin irritations and
infections. A strong antiseptic,for bronchitis,and
sinusitis. As well as for cystitis, bladder, kidney
infections, herpes, tuberculosis, and stomach
     " Ocotes Quixos"aslo known as American
cinnamon, prevents the clotting of red blood cells
protecting blood vessels. Antioxidant, antibacterial
and antifungal properties.
     "Eucalyptus Blue"relieves respiratory infection,
reduce inflammation, and thwart bacteria and other
     "Ruta"or rue anti-stress,induces restful sleep,
and anxiety.
     "Palo Santo"like Frankincense, only from South
America.  Fights depression, cancer, respiratory
infections, inflammation, immune stimulating.
     "Dorado Azul"rich in eucalyptol and beta pinene.
Leave it to Young Living to find this powerful plant
that was once thought as a weed.

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