Thursday, November 12, 2009

Thieves, Flea Market Oil

     History is full of colorful people and events, what
if, you could walk in their shoes, but if only for a
moment.  Who would you be? What time period
would you seek?
     What if you had no choice in the matter, a random
act of fate, hurled you back in time.  A time that was
dark, full of death, and superstitions. 
     Can you imagine a place where you only bathed
once a year. Or at a festive wedding, the May bride 
adorned with a bouquet of flowers to mask her over-
bearing scent of body odor. You would too if your
last bath was 5 months ago!
     If one was a flipper, you could make a penny or
two, by flipping off cake on mud from the human
     What if you were a stranger in this land? 
Forbidden to return to your homeland, and family.
Starving, hopelessness falls, what then, what would
you do?
     This is what this person did, weak, near the point
of death.  A spice merchant by trade. The lands King
by royal decree, forbids you from sailing back home.
Facing certain death, there is only one choice to be
     The remaining spices and oils not yet soild, rubbing
these over his body, seeing a house, quiet, no one
moving.  Entering with stealth like movements, careful
not to be seen.  Finds the inhabitants laying were they
fell. But from what? A little bitty flea, which carried
the scurge of death. This little flea killed 2/3 of Europe
in dark ages.
     Removing what ever goods he could carry, blankets,
clothing, pots, pans, anything that could be used at the
open market to barter for food.
     Just one problem, the same fleas that were invested
with black plague, are on those same items just robbed
from the dead, and dying.
     Now you know what coined the name Flea Market.
     At least now you are no longer are straving, stilling
missing home, unable to return home.  No choice but
to do the evil deed again.
     Only this time you are apprehended, brought before
the king, for stealing. Your punishment, certain death,
death by hanging, death by the sword, death by water!
     Leniency is offered, sparing your life, if you will
disclose the secert you carry. How you move amoung
the dead and dying without contracting the plague.
    Life or death, disclosing the formula of herbs, spices,
and oils that protect against the plague.
     Cloves, Lemons, Rosemary, Cinnamon Bark, and
Eucalyptus are the spices,oils, and herbs used to combat
the scurge of black death.
     Today these same oils are found in Thieves essential
oil from Young Living.

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