Monday, November 23, 2009

Refresh / Rejuvenate / Restore

Making a commitment to restart your body to a
healthy state of being. This can be reached in as
little as 90 days, by rejuvenating your body cells.
Medicines and chemical drugs work quickly to
alleviate symptoms, but they do not restore the
core. Cellular rejuvenation creates long term
vitality, the following oils are your everyday oils
to enrich your life!

Frankincense-rubbing on the chest soothes the
respiratory system, benefical when inhaled, this oil
blended with tangerine in a diffuser is an unforget-
table fragrance that kills unwanted airborne germs.

Lemon-pleasant, purifying citrus scent that is
revitalising and uplifting, a powerful germ fighter that
protects your home from airborne bacterica, a drop
or two in drinking water for extra vitamin C, keeping
the liver clean.

Peppermint-offers a wide range of uses, and is
one of the most highly regarded herbs for supporting

Lavender-considered to be the most universal of
all essential oils, regarded highly as a skin and beauty
tonic. Cuts, burns, bedtime sleep aid, and hay fever.

Peace and Calming-this essential oil blend is a
must for anyone experiencing stress in their lives.

PanAway-this soothing essential oil, eases bone,
muscle, and joint discomfort.

Thieves-based on the historical account of four
thieves in France who protected themselves from the
black plague while robbing the dead and dying, a
powerhouse for your body's defense system.

Purification-the most cost effective germ busting
essential oil blend for your home. Used as an insect
repellent, bites, cuts, removes moldy, musty and stale
odors, with an uplifting scent.

Valor-chiropractors found it to be beneficial when
applied on their clients before and after each adjust-
ment. Relieves anxiety tension, stage fright, supports
the muscular skeletal system of your body.

Three simple ways to enjoy the benefits of essential
1.Breathe deeply
2.Topical application of oils on your body
3.Ingest internally

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