Monday, November 30, 2009

Why Essential Rewards!!

     Benefits of being a Young Living member, first
how about a discounted cost to you(saving you cash)
Young Living's essential rewards feature NingXia Red
Everyday Oils, Thieves, A.R.T., and Core Essentials
Complete. Ordered monthly any of these are sub-
stantially discounted form wholesale prices.
     Let alone the bonus of added cash rewards as a
benefit offered to menbers who share these packs.
     All essential rewards orders come with reduced
shipping, plus peace of mind that comes with the
security of automated monthly shipping.
     How to be come an Essentials Reward member
simple, choose your favorite Young Living products or
Essentials Rewards premium products pack. Enroll in
the program by 1.Visiting Y/L's web site 2. If not a
member asking me, for sure and for certain. 3. Asking
me to enroll you as a new member. Y/L's web site is as
     #NingXia Red Essential Rewards Pack *4 NingXia
Red (1litter bottles) * 10 NingXia Red Singles(1 fl.oz)
* 1 NingXia Red Booklet.
    # Everyday Oils *Lavender*Peppeermint*Lemon
Calming*Purification all oils in a (5 ml bottle) and the
booklet on the uses and how to apply oils
    # Thieves Rewards Pack*Thieves essential oil(15 ml)
*Thieves Dentararoma Ultra Toothpaste(needed if your
gums bleed when brushing,4.1 oz.)*Thieves Mouthwash
*2 Thieves Household Cleaner(14.4fl oz)*2 Theives
Foaming Hand Soap(8 fl oz)*3 Thieves Spray(1 oz)
super when used as a cleaner or when needed to relieve
a sore throat.*2 Thieves Waterless Hand Purifier(1oz)
     #A.R.T. Essential Rewards Pack* A.R.T. Day
Activator(1oz)*A.R.T. Night Reconstructor(1oz)*A.R.T
Gentle Foaming Cleanser(3.38 oz)* A.R.T. Purifying
Toner(4 oz)
     #Core Essentials Complete Rewards Pack*NingXia
Red(1litter)*2 Blance Complete(26.4 oz)*Omega Blue
(30 softgels)*longevity(30 softgels)*True Source*Life 5
*Restore Your Core Brochure
     (All supplements in 30 a.m./noon/p.m. packets)

           "Essential Rewards Advantages:"
* Guaranteed monthly shipments of your favorite
Young Living products.
* Discounted pricing on exclusive product packages
*Reduced shipping rates.
*Essential Rewards credits redeemable for free
*Qualification for additioal compensation and bonus
*Monthly Wellness Essentials product training and
support CDs.

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