Monday, December 14, 2009

Ancient Bible Oils

     Through out Biblical times essential oils
were used and mentioned in the bible in 36
books of the old testament, and then again
10 books of the new testament.
     Those essential oils were used in every
day use both Jews and Gentiles.
      Today because of much improved distill
-ation essential oils are ever more potent, than
those used during bible times.
     Cassia (Psalms 45:8) enables emotional
healing, stumulates feelings of joy, happiness
and gladness.
     Cedarwood (Levitious 14:17) clarifies the
thinking processes, cleans the mind of clutter.
     Cypress (Isaiah 41:19) boost the immune
system, fights arthrits, and laryngitis.
     Frankincense(Leviticus 2:1) reduces
anxiety, most health issues.
     Galbanum (Exodus 30:34-35) antiseptic uses
for the body, calming with its aroma.
     Hyssop (Exodus 12:22) purifing the air,
viral infections, congestion.
     Myrrh (Matthew 2:11) diabetes, cancer,
hepatitis, fungal infections, tooth/gum infec-
tions, candida.
     Myrtle (Isaiah (55:13) restores the thyriod
decongesting the respiratory tract and sinuses.
     Onycha (Exodus 30:34-35) a calming aroma,
as an antiseptic
     Rose of Sharon (Solomon 2:1) healing cuts
and scrapes, sciatic nerve pain.
     Sandalwood (John 19:39) for a good nights
sleep, burial oil, bring oxygen to the brain and
body tissue.
     Spikenard (Solomon 1:12) relieves fear and
anxiety, as a burial oil.
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