Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Asthma (Chronic Disease) Why

     Asthma is a chronic condition that effects 20
million Americans, with each year that number
increases. One of the major culprits seems to be
a genetic susceptibility to this disease, which is
often passed down from generation to generation
There are more identifiable triggers of ashma
attacks brought on by an allergic responce.  Bac-
terial and viral infections, hormones, and stress.
     During an ashma attack the bronchioles con-
strict when stimulatd by irritants, infections, exercise
which makes it difficult to expel air form the lungs.
     Drugs are not always the answer when treating
allergies and asthma.  Many drugs cause oxidation
and give off free radicals,  A better alternative is to
improve your diet, eating foods high in antioxdants
and fatty acids which can reduce the risk of hay fever.
     Ningxia Wolfberry helps reduce the ricks of hay
fever, by decreasing this major cause of asthma.  By
providing a high level of antioxidants, by healing the
intestines and increasing our body's capacity to de-
toxify the pollution mentioned above.
     Finding relief from asthma symptoms while using
woldberry, it is not advisable to totally abandon
inhalers. Asthma attacks can be fatal, and it may come
as an unexpected hazzard, always carry an inhaler. Its
very possible that you may never use it again if you
heal your intestines and increase your intake of
     Amino acid L-arginine, found in wolfberry plays
an important role in cell division, the healing of
wounds, and immune function. Helping to promote
the relaxation of blood vessels, and bronchioles.
     Supplements use of arginine or foods that contain
arginine, such as wolfberry will help reduce
     As always with a major illness a 5 day cleanse is
needed to remove toxins and heavy metals, you may
not want to hear what comes next.  But a change of
diet is needed, coffee, sugars, CHOCOLATE, sodas
less meat, adding more fruits, nuts, and vegetables to
your meals, which leads to weight loss, by burning fat.
     Ningxia Wolfberry in the beginning is to be taken
in 2oz drinks 3 times daily for a total of 6ozs. and can
be reduced after symptoms are relieved.
     Essential Oils can be and should be used in conjun-
ction with Ningxia Wolfberry, to enhance the over all
healing of both the intestines and bronchioles. Oils
should not be inhaled, but should be applied to the
soles of the feet or ingested.
     First recommended oils Wintergreen and RC a
blended oil, other single oils and blended oils can be
used, but these are the most effective.
     Apply topical: neat 2-4 drops to the soles of
feet 2-3 times daily.  Ingestion: place oil into a veggie
capsule 2 times daily.
     Dietary supplements: MultiGreens, Immune Tune,
Essentialzyme, Carbozyme.
     Costs cash yes, but the alternative is a life time of
inhalers, and fear that the next attack may cause your
death.  Why deal with that when there is away to be
free of this devil.

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