Friday, January 1, 2010

20 Benefits"Essential Oils"

Throughout history, botanical sources have improved
health and enhanced quality of life. And the most pow-
erful of natural, plant based products are the amazing
properties of pure, therapeutic-grade essential oils.

Essential oils are powerful allies that protect us from
the ravages of modern lifestyles. Clinical research
shows a vast array of healing activities of essential oils.
Some of their powerful benefits are listed below.

1. Supports Immune Function
2. Supplies Potent Antimicrobials
3. Provides Natural Pain Relief
4. Reduces Inflammation
5. Eases Stress and Anxiety
6. Decreases Insomnia
7. Rejuvenates Skin
8. Protects Against Colds and Influenza
9. Soothes Digestive Disorders
10. Improve the Circulatory System
11. Promotes Optimal Endocrine Function
12. Supports the Urinary Systems
13. Soothes Burns, Sunburns, Minor Cuts, and
14. Supports Muscles and Bones
15. Provides Oral and Dental Care
16. Nourish and Strengthen Hair
17. Improves Mental Clarity
18. Affects the Psyche
19. Provides Safe and Natural Alternatives to
      Household Cleaners
20. Protects Against Cancer

In addition to healing actions, essential oils provide
protection as powerful antioxidants, believed to be
essential in slowing the aging process. By fighting
free radicals, essential oils also protect us from the
damaging effects of chronic inflammation, referred
to by Newsweek magazine as "the root of all

The complexity of the essential oils, make them ideal
for combating "superbugs." If a virus or bacteria
becomes resistant to one componet, as essential oil
employs its other constituents to stop the bug's pro-

"Inflammation is the evil twin of oxidation. Where you
find one, you will find the other."     by James Joseph
                                neuroscietist at Tufts University

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