Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Anxiety and Depression

Depression affects nearly 19 million American adults
in a given year. According to (National Institute of
Mental Health), anxiety disorders cost the U.S. more
tahn $42 billion a year, nearly one-third of the $148
billion total health bill for the United States, as report-
ed by the Anxiety Disorders Association of America.

Unfortunateky only 30% of people who are depressed
go into full remission after taking their first course of
antidepressants (2006 HIN study)  Also the side
effects of antidepressants include suicide, violence,
psychosis, abnormal bleeding, and brain tumors. With
the exception of Prozac antidepressants for children are
blamed in Britain because of the drangerous side effects.

The rate of increase in diagnosis of children with deres-
sion is an astonishing 23%.  In fact the British Medical
Journal reported recently that they found no scienitific
evidence that SSRI antidepressants (such as Prozac,
Paxil, or Zoloft) work under the age of 18. One
summary points for the clinical review warned,"Adverse
events have been downplayed" and "Antidepressant
drugs cannot confidently be recommended as a treat-
ment option for childhood depression."

Natural treatments while using essential oils have been
known and used by man  for thousands of years, it has
only been since 1930s that medical researchers have
documented their effects. Essential oils have trremend-
ous benefits when enhaled or applied topically.

One of the most promising uses of essential oils is in
aromatheraphy for depression and anxiety.

In a 2006 study, British researchers form the Universty
of Newcastle and Nothumbria wrote that aromatherapy
is used worldwide for the management of "depression,
anxiety, some cognitive disorders, insommia, and stress-
related disorders." The authors stated aromatherapy
"provides a potentially effective treatment for a range
of psychiatric disorders, without the adverse effects of
many conventional psychotopic drugs."

Essential oils beneficial for anxiety are as follows
*Lavender: Peer-reviewed studies show that lavender is
associated with "reduced mental stress"
*Orande: Studies have documented the anxiety-reducing
effect of orange oil in high stress sites: dental offices.
*Lemon: Significant antidepressant activity, effects the
circuits on the brain that regulate anxiety.
*Melissa/Valerian: These two combined  have anti-
anxiety properties relieve induced stress.
*Patchouli, *Rose, *Roman chamomile, *Blue tansy
*German chamomlie, *Ylang ylang all anxiety relieving
essential oils.

Essential oils that are beneficial for depression,
*Lavender Studies show a beneficial effect on insommia
and depression.
*Bergamot: Studied for both depression and anxiety.
*Ylang ylang: Researched by Phytotherapy  Research
found when Ylang ylang essential oil was applied to
skin, calm andrelaxing occured. Used in aromatherapy
caused a relief of depression and stress.
*Lemon: This fragrant citrus oil has been shown to
restore balance following stressful incidents.

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