Thursday, January 7, 2010

Tequila, How Sweet It Is

Tequila comes from the Agave plant (cactus)  Blue
Agave Nectar is the ultimate low-glycemic sweetner.
Agave nectar is harvested from organic(agave tequil
-ana plants). The hearts (heads) of the agaves are
chopped, ground, and pressed for their juices. The
result is a viscous, honey-like fluid that has a color
and shelf stability similar to that of honey.

*A sugar alternative with low glycemic index of 11
(it has minimal impact on blood sugar levels).
This makes it a sweetner of choice for diabetics,
hypoglycemics, or other who cannot tolerate suc-
rose or choose not to use artifical sweeteneres.
*Blue Agave is about 50 % sweeter and has fewer
calories per teaspoon than sucrose ( table sugar).

 *Records show that the ancient Meso-Americans
used this plant as food as well as externally and in-
ternally for injuries ans illness. Known as the Mexi-
can Tree of Life asn Aboundance.

Directions: In recipes, substitute an amount of blue
agave nectar to 1/2 to 3/4 of the amount of sugar
called for in the recipe. You may also need to re-
duce tha amount of liquid, jusr as you would for
honey. Can be used in most recipes, on bread, in
teas, desserts, sauces, ect.

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