Sunday, October 25, 2009

Creating Income

Step One:
Identify six business partners ( those who you
sign up as a distributor) who invest $100 each
per month for the purpose of enjoying greater
health and creating financial abundance with
Young Living.  These 6 business partners are
on your first level.  Upon completion of step
one, you recieve a $100 bonus check, so your
products are paid for each month!

Step Two:
Help two of these six partners identify their six
business partners as described in step one
These 12 people are on your second level.
Each person is ordering a minimun of $100 of
their favorite Young Living products per month. 
Upon completion of this step, you recieve a $500
monthly check, plus any other company bonuses!
This bonus is added to help your monthly $$$$,
while you build your business.

Step Three:
Help four people from your second level identify
24 (six each) business partners as described in
step one. This is a total of 42 people, each enjoy-
ing a minimum of $100 of products each month. 
Upon comlpletion of step three, you recieve a
monthly bonus check of $2000.  Having a volume
of $4200 you are earning $2000.

Set your goal to be debt free, healthly, helping others
to reach the same goal, show them the way!  Really?
Have you not heard of AT&T, they now see the light,
they are a network marketing company, why first and
most important no advertising costs.  Thats done
by the business partners.

Many will want the savings of being a distributor
others may not, as long as they order $100, that
will produce a check at the step you fall into.

Auto Ship: this program is your order done by
monthly shipment, items can be changed monthly.
Frieght is cheaper, free oils are included, earning
PU points on what is purchased, meaning free
oils or other products.  Plus the first 6 months
under this program you get 10% off your order,
the second six months you get 15% off your
order, after the first year you get 20% off your

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