Friday, October 23, 2009

Pregnacy Childbrith & Oils

     First question you may have, are essential oils safe
for myself and my unborn child?  High grade essential
oils do not cantain any of the following(many of the
lower grade so called 100% oils contain) amino acids,
peptides, or other allergens, allergic affects-no way!
Not when Young Living Essential Oils are used.
Occasionally redness might appear, thats not an all-
ergic reaction.  Oils bring blood to the surface of skin
in just a matter of a few seconds.  Your body may be
contaiminated with chemicals, heavy metals.  Not to
worry, appling a touch of olive oil or veggie oil over
the redness, it will cool the area, and you can continue
appling natures natural wonder. 
     Methods of applications, or how to use, first through
aroma therapy-through air. A diffuser is best, however
other means are no less effective.  Placing oils on the
palms, rubbing hands together in a circular motion will
activate oils, cupping hands over nose and mouth inhale
for 8-10 seconds, longer is better.
     Second way of application is appling directly to the
skin, essential oils will remain in the body for only 21/2
hours, so there is no, residual residue (try saying that 
as fast as you can for 20 seconds, thinking of those other
prescriptions you may have in your med. cab.)  Remem-
ber any rednees a little veggie oil is all thats needed.
     Third method used is to ingest the oils, cooler oils can
be dropped directly into your mouth, on the tongue,
under tongue, inside your lips, in a veggie capsule, a few
drops of essential oil, if new to oils a mixture of 50/50,
veg oil plus essential oil.  Mixing a drop of oil with either
rice or almond milk is suggested.
     You get what you buy, "WARNING" do not buy any
so called essential oil that contain adulterated or
synthetic ingredients, if alcohol named on that bottle of
oil you're about to buy, remember this, alochol used
in these oils contain 25% alcohol, thats more than most
beer or wine.  Think of the harm affects on your childs
health and development.
     Bennies of using essential oils, a good nights sleep,
nausea, breech, and other pregnancy discomforts,
headache, backaches, achy muscle, immune and mood
support, purifying the air, nursery sanitation, cleaning
diaper pails, changing table, removing viral, bacterial
fungal and mold problems.
     Final trimester certain oils can be used on only the
FEET if used on tummy may cause the baby to move 
its position from delivery to breech positions.  Others
when diluted can be appiled to the abdomen, incourag
-ing the birthing process.  Diffusing olis into the room
help calm the soon to be mommy.
     Listed are the following essential oils used,
Cedarwood, Frankincense, Geranium, Ginger, 
Grapefruit, Jasmine, Lemon, Lavender, Marjoram,
Melaleuca alternafolia, Orange, Peppermint, Roman
chamomile, Rose, Rosewood, Sandalwood,
Tangerine, Thyme, Ylang ylang.  Note two oils 
Peppermint, Thyme are known as hot oils and
should be diluted 50/50 with a carrier oil when
used other than in aroma therapy.
     These essential oils can be invaluable during
pregnancy.  Oils like Lavender and Myrrh may help
reduce stretch marks and improve the elasticity of
your skin.  Gentle Baby blend and Geranium have
similar effects and can be massaged on the perineum
(tissue between the vigina and rectum) to lower risk
of tearing or the need for an episiotomy (an incision
in the perineum) during birth.

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