Wednesday, January 6, 2010

3 Secrets to"Perfect Hair"

No hair care product, regardless of its quality works
for all types of hair at all times. Hair that is naturally
curly requires different hair treatments than those that
are permed. Similarly, Asian hair (which tends to con-
sist of thickere and rounder hairfollicles) needs different
hair care than does African hair(which tends to be very
fine and frizzy).

I can not stress the importance of an all natural hair
product, one that contains no proylene glycol.  In case
you are unaware of this fact proylene glycol is one of
the main ingredients found in your cars engine cooling
system (anti-freeze). Pets DIE from ant-freeze
poisoning year round causing great pain while doing
so. The question you should be asking yourself what 
is propyleen gycol doing to your body, and to your
childs body?

You use this product all the time in shampoos, tooth-
pastes just about anything that foams, propylene
gycol is more than likely found! What should you be
looking for?

Answer: many natural heath and wellness companies
produce products that contain no propylene gycol.
Young Living Essential Oils is just one of them.

Yes I use these products and find them a good alturna
-tive to proprylene gycol.  Lavender just happeens to
be in my favorite shampoo.

Use of the right hair product for the right hair type is
the first secret.  Young Living's AromaSilk has three
different lines. *Lavender Volumizing for long, flat, or
dull hair *Rosewood Moisturizing for defrizzing,
damaded hair, dry, or overprocessed hair. Naturally
curly thin, or oily hair will benefit the most from this
line. *Lemon-Sage Clarifying for prems and coloring
removes buildup from chemicals,pollutants, and
chorine, designed for all types

Use the right scalp washes and rinses to cleanse the
hair and scalp, to open up the hair follicle and remove
buildup, grease, and chemicals. After the hair follicle
is cleansed and opened up, it is then nourished with
the Nourishing Rinse. This allows nutrients ot penet-
rate into the hair. It also protects the hair follicle from
dirt and pollution, imparting shine, bounce,and vigor,
locking in needed nutrients.

Keep hair free of petrochemical residues, avioding
synthetic hair treatments and styleing aids. These can
and do damage hair over time. Breaking the sulfur
bonds that make hair lustrous and alive.

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