Thursday, January 7, 2010

Compare and See

Halibut: L-Arginine (grams) per 100 grams of
food = 1.60  *NingXia Red = 930 mg

Barley,raw Fiber grams = 15.6  *NingXia Red =

Carrots,raw Vitamin A(iu) = 12,035 *NingXia
Red = 12,600

Parsley,raw Vitamin C(mg) = 133 *NingXia Red
= 148

Baker's yeast Thiamine and Niacin(mg) =2.36 B-1
39.75 B-3 * NingXia Red =27.00 B-1 88.00 B-3

Spinach,raw Calcium = 100 * NingXia Red = 110

Top Antioxidant Foods, ORAC/2 scale:
NingXia wolfberry =303     Prune =57
Chinese wolfberry =202      Blackberry =51
Acai =184                           Boysenberry =35
Black Raspberry =164        Plum =28

Test that measures antioxidant levels of common foods
In 1994, a Tufts Universty scientist working for U.S.
Deptartment of Agriculture developed a powerful new
mthod of assying the antioxidant activity of common
foods. Using a vitamin E analogue known as Trolox,
Dr. Guohos Coa created the Oxygen Absorbance
Capacity assay (ORAC) which could measure food's
free-radical fighting capacity. It was first tested to
quantify both duration and degree of antiosidant acrivity.

The ORAC assay is currently the most sensitive and re-
liable method commonly used for calculating a food's
antioxidant potental against the peroxyl free radical,
the second most common in the human body.

Research shows that NingXia Red using ORAC results,
Ningxia wolfberries had 5 X's the antioxidant power of
prunes, 10 X's  the anitoxodant power of oranges, 12
X,s the antioxodant power of raisins, and 55 X's the
power of cauliflower. According to published ORCA
data, Ningxia wolfberry has the highest known ORCA
score for any whole food (300unTE/g).

Antioxidants block free radical damage, that leads
to cancer. Protects the body, and enhances the
immune system. Protects you from the most deadliest 
fre radicals.  The superoxide (O2) the most common
free radical in the body and the mother of many free
radicals destrrying healthy cells, causing them to mutate.

The Hydrogen Peroxide (H2O2) is created when super
-oxide is deactivated leading to DNA damage inside
the call causing cancer.

Hydroxyl Radical (HO) the most reactive and toxic
of all free radicals, causing a chain of free radicals,
destroying healthy cells.

 Singlet Oxygen (10 2) oxygen almost always oc-
curs in a paired state (O2). When it is split apart,
two highly reactive singlet oxygen molecules are
formed.  Excess singlets oxygen is implicated in
several age related diseases, including cataracts,
macular degeneration, and arhritis.

What does all this mean, well to protect and keep
your body healthy, antioxidants are needed to com- 
bat the effects caused by free radicals.  Doing so
leads to a longer healthy life, and the Ningxia wolf-
berry does just that.

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